Should You Buy the AirPods Max? 4 Advantages of Earbuds Vs Over-Ear Headphones

Should You Buy the AirPods Max? 4 Advantages of Earbuds Vs Over-Ear Headphones

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To say that modern technology has advanced and evolved at a rapid pace over the last decade or so would be a vast understatement to say the very least. 

We are currently living in an age dominated by technology, with wireless tech now at the forefront of these changes as part of everyday life. 

Not too long ago, wireless tech was seen as revolutionary and ground-breaking, whereas nowadays it is the norm. For those of you who enjoy listening to music, you may have considered investing in a new set of wireless headphones, but which should you go with? Lately, more and more people are using earbuds instead of over-ear headphones, but why exactly is this? 

Here’s a look at 4 advantages of earbuds vs over-ear headphones. 

Less intrusive

Over-ear headphones are all well and good, but you can’t deny the fact that wearing them can be a little intrusive, and they certainly are not discreet. 

Wearing over-ear headphones can be uncomfortable and can restrict certain activities and even your overall range of motion. 

With earbuds however, you simply insert these small and lightweight devices into your ear where they sit firmly and securely, crank up the volume, and you’re then all set and ready to go. They’re far more comfortable to wear and as they’re smaller and lighter in weight, they are also far less intrusive. 

Fully wireless

For decades, if we wanted to listen to music via headphones, we had to make do with headphones connected to a cable which would get tangled around things, get ripped out of your Walkman, discman, MP3 player, MP4 player, smart phone, and so on. This was hardly ideal. 

Not too long ago, wireless tech was created and we suddenly found ourselves having access to wireless and cordless electrical gadgets which made life so much easier. 

Earbuds are ideal because they’re wireless, small, and lightweight so once you have them in you’ll forget you’re even wearing them. Furthermore, as they are wireless, you won’t need to worry about tangled wires etc. 

Great for more than just music

For years, when it came to over-ear headphones, if you wore them, you basically could use them for listening to music and that was it. 

As earbuds are so technologically advanced you can now pair them via Bluetooth with your other electronic devices and use them to listen to all manner of things from podcasts to TV shows and movies. 

This is especially useful if you do not wish to disturb other people as you can listen to your music or watch your favorite TV show or movie without having to worry about disturbing other people in the room. 

Aesthetically pleasing

Okay, look, we understand that the primary function of earbuds is to allow you to listen to music, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look stylish in the process. 

Over-ear headphones tend to look clunky and outdated, whereas earbuds are sleek, stylish, and aesthetically pleasing. 

Most would agree that earbuds look far more attractive than over-ear headphones. 

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