Last Day to Try a Free Pair of Memory Foam Tips (June 20th 2022)

First Pair Free Memory Foam Tips Campaign is ending

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After 3 months and over 2,000 free pairs delivered to AirPods Pro users, we are temporally pausing this campaign without the possibility of returning.

Please submit your order before June 20th 2022, 12:00 AM PST. Here's a direct link to the product page.

Why are we giving out free samples?

Silicone tips suck. Sorry to say it, although many users prefer flexible rubber to alternatives, the majority of AirPods Pro users constantly complain about slipping, ear pain, and poor sound isolation.

Here are some of the pros and cons to memory foam tips:

 Pro Con
Reduced Slipping Pricey
Reduced Ear Pain Replacement Needed 3+ Months
Increased Sound Isolation
Hypoallergenic Material
Hybrid Version
Multiple Colors


Since you're here, it's safe to say you would like to improve at least one of these issues. So...

We're confident memory foam tips will be the best DAMN experience that we are giving them away for free. Who doesn't love free samples? 😌

Why are we pausing the free samples?

After deliberating with the team and reviewing our inventory supply, it has been difficult this year to ensure production and keep business costs minimal. The campaign has been a success in our book, helping over 2,000 AirPods Pro users find relief with accessory as simple as ear tips.

There is a small possibility in the future free samples will come back in some way or form, make sure you're subscribed to get the scoop.

Need help finding the right version?

Here is a super helpful guide showing the various memory foam tips we offer for AirPods Pro. P.S. The free sample pair is the Original V1 AirTips Pro.

View all the versions here.

Finding the right version for AirPods Pro

Where can I get more info about your company?

We have been around for years now and have made a serious dent into the AirPod accessory industry, read more about our story here. You can also contact us anytime at

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