Explaining Apple Patent for new New AirPods Pro Accessory

Apple Patent for AirPods Pro device best update by pod accessory

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Whether it's straps to keep the buds in place or foam inserts to make them more comfortable, tons of accessories are designed with the purpose to improve the use of your AirPods on the go. And yet, something that these earbuds have lacked is any form of a safety feature. 

However, Apple recently acquired a new patent that will allow them to start making innovative safety changes to AirPods. But what is this patent, and why did they get it?

Well, we're glad you asked. It's time to give you our explanation for the new Apple patent on the AirPods Pro accessory! So without further ado, let's begin!

New accessories for AirPods Pro 2021

Apple AirPods new fitness patent diagram. USPTO 

The New Apple Patent

On August 11th, 2020, Apple was approved for a patent that improved many of the safety features of AirPods. Developed in part by Jay Blahnik (a big name in fitness and health technologies at Apple), this patent sees a variety of sensors getting placed into the earbuds, from GPS sensors to speedometers. 

This is similar to the kind of technology used with apps like Pokemon GO (where the app restricts functions if you are traveling at a certain speed to keep you safe).

The chief function of these sensors is to allow the earbuds to "survey" your location. Then, they auto-adjust the volume if it determines you need to hear background noise (like if you're driving or walking on a road). If you travel at a certain speed, it will know to turn the volume down or off. It will even respond based on which side of the road you are driving on (lowering the volume of the earbud facing the road). 

This feature also works for cyclists or skateboarders, and you can sync the earbuds to play certain content when it detects you biking or driving. Even yoga enthusiasts or people with back problems get something out of this upgrade.

This is because the sensors can determine the weight distribution of your stance. That way, they can tell you when you are leaning too much to one side so you can fix your posture.

New Apple patent for AirPods Pro read by pod accessories

Apple AirPods new fitness patent diagram. USPTO

Why Secure This Patent?

One of the reasons Apple got this patent was to address safety concerns that the AirPods posed. Their noise cancellation feature was great for getting quality sound, but it could distract users from their surroundings. This in turn could lead to a rise in automobile accidents, cycling accidents, etc. 

Another reason could be that this gives Apple a continued push towards fitness-friendly technology. After all, devices like the Apple Watch had already given them a strong footing in that market, and this update looks to cement that footing further.

Yogo mat by apple new AirPods Pro accessories

Apple AirPods new fitness patent diagram. USPTO

A Bright Future Lies Ahead

So, now that you know all about the new Apple patent on the AirPods Pro accessory, what's next (besides counting down the days until it releases to the public, we mean)? Well, if you want to get the scoop on the latest in AirPod technology and secure some sweet accessories for yourself, give us a shout and let us help you out!

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