Are AirPods Pro Worth It? This Is What You Need to Know

Are AirPods Pro Worth It? This Is What You Need to Know
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When Apple first introduced AirPods Pro, people went crazy for them. More than headphones, AirPods are now a status symbol and a fashion accessory. They're sleek, they're simple, and above all, they offer a great listening experience.

But are AirPods Pro worth it for the high price? Are they really as comfortable and cool as everyone says? Here's what you need to know.

What Makes AirPods So Great?

People love using AirPods Pro for their simple and clean look.

They love the wireless capabilities, and how seamlessly they work with other Apple products. Beyond that, AirPods Pro are sweat-resistant, have noise-canceling technology, and hold a charge much longer than previous models.

AirPods Pro also have great sound quality, and improve on the original model in almost every way. They're comfier, they're more feature-full, and users love the pressure-sensitive stem.

Above that, people think AirPods look cool. Take this guide on how to wear AirPods correctly as a testament to that. AirPods may be the first headphones that double as a fashion piece!

Are There Any Cons?

The main con to AirPods Pro is the cost.

At nearly $300, the AirPods Pro come at a hefty price. You can get over-the-ear headphones with comparable or better quality for around the same price. For many, this is too much to pay.

Another common complaint is how comfortable -- or rather uncomfortable -- they are. AirPods Pro come with a silicone noise-cancelling bulb at the tip. It's meant to sit comfortably in the ear, but that's often not the case.

People frequently complain about the silicone tips slipping out of their ears, and even hurting them! There are solutions to this, though.

How to Make AirPods Pro More Comfortable

The best solution is purchasing a set of Memory Foam AirTips Pro. These tips form to the shape of your ears, meaning they'll fit not matter how narrow or wide your ears are. You won't experience any of that annoying slippage caused by the inferior silicone tips.

These Memory Foam tips make your AirPods Pro much more worth it. They're durable, they're comfortable, and they won't inhibit your listening experience.

These aren't the only accessories that will enhance your experience, though.

What Other Accessories Make the AirPods Pro Worth It?

Some people complain that the charging case for the AirPods Pro just isn't durable enough.

If you want a sturdy case to protect your AirPods, try the Tough N' Rubber Airpods Pro Case. This stylish casing fits over your AirPods Pro case, adding an extra layer of security to it. Not only do the colors look great, but it won't block the charging light either.

You can buy that and more accessories here.

Are AirPods Pro Worth It?

With the right accessories, the answer to the question, "Are AirPods Pro worth it?" is a resounding yes. All the cons (except the price) can be combated with great AirPods Pro accessories like the AirTips Pro. Whether you want them for their great sound quality, or just to make a statement, you won't be disappointed with your AirPods Pro.

If you want to know more about the AirTips Pro: Memory Foam, click here to contact us. We'll help you with anything you need.

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