AirTips Pro V1

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Version 1 Highlights:

  • Superior fit over all versions
  • Maximum comfort and hold
  • Quick rebound, best for complex ear types

Not recommended for excess sweating, please look at our Dual Hybrid or Active Memory Foam Tips versions.

Are your ears feeling sore after wearing Apple AirPods Pro silicone tips? Are you constantly fidgeting with slipping earbuds? Tired of hearing more background noise than your tunes? The solution is tiny and simple: AirTips Pro memory foam replacement tips. 

Ultra-comfortable memory foam replacement tips are the perfect accessory for all-day comfort to replace poor-fitting slippery silicone tips. Protect your ears by sealing out unwanted sounds with an essential upgrade made from polyurethane (LRPu) memory foam and designed in California, USA. 

  • Enhanced sound quality over silicone tips
  • Improved active noise cancellation
  • Reduce ear pain and/or inner ear pressure
  • Threaded Apple-certified OEM snap-on connection
  • Mesh guard protection to minimize the build-up of earwax 
  • Fits perfectly in the original Apple AirPods Pro charging case
  • Low-resilience polyurethane (LRPu) memory foam formula for longevity

Don’t just take our word for it. Try AirTips Pro replacement foam tips for yourself to discover music the way it should be listened to - pure and pain-free.


If you want the perfect fit for your Apple AirPods Pro wireless earbuds, memory foam replacement tips are the "Pro" solution. Benefit by better fitment in your ears, enhanced noise cancellation, and comfort that surpasses the factory silicone tips.


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the perfect fit 😉

packed with tech

- Threaded Certified OEM Snap-on Connection

- Metal Mesh Earwax Protection Screen

- Indentation Force Deflection (IFD) rating - (SM) 45- (LR) 90

- Water-resistant Clear Coat (IPX Rating 4) Outter Layer 

There’s no comparison to the original silicone. AirTips Pro is the accessory that will keep your earbuds secure.

Density: Not to be confused with IFD, these two measures work in conjunction with each other. This indicator is best for gauging foam characteristics that signifies durability rather than comfort level. Foam density is expressed in pounds per cubic foot (or PCF) and is your best indicator of quality and longevity. Conventional foam density ranges from about 1 PCF – 3 PCF, with standard high-density foam having a density of only 1.8 PCF. The larger the PCF, the longer it lasts. Even though a foam may be firm, it won't last nearly as long if not dense. Learn more about how memory foam works.

Showing AirPods Pro memory foam ear tips prototypes
AirPods Pro with Charcoal memory foam tips and Active ear hooks by Fultro Audio
expanding foam 🧐

Everyone’s ears are different. So why would you expect mass-produced and one-size-fits-all silicone tips to be the best fit for you? There’s a better option than the cheap, flawed, and uncomfortable silicone.

AirTips Pro uses low and high density memory foam to mold within the contours of your ear canal.

High/Low Resiliency (HR): While this technical term might sound trivial, it’s actually quite simple. Let us give you the skinny on high and low resilience. High resiliency foam uses better processes and a different cell structure when crafting and molding the foam, whereas low resiliency is less time in the curing process. Basically, this refers to how quickly the foam will expand once it's in the compression state.  

fills your ears 😱

Memory foam uses your body heat and tiny air pockets to form exactly to your ear’s unique curves. Its low-density structure returns to the original form for a perfect fit. 

IFD (Indentation Force Deflection) is a measure of firmness and comfort. More specifically, IFD measures the load (in lbs) required to depress a compression disc into a foam sample a particular distance. This number ranges from 10 – 70lbs. The IFD of standard foam mattress ranges between 30 – 35lbs. For memory foam tips, it is the same calculation, the less foam - the higher the IFD. For example, the "small" size memory foam tips have an IFD of 45-70, whereas the "large" are around 20-30. 

AirPods Pro charcoal foam tips how it works when compressed

listen up 😡

Let's face it, it can be frustrating and feel like a chore to adjust your pods every 20 minutes from slippery tips, leaving you desperate for change. While we can't be your knight and shiny armor, we do offer a simple, one "click" alternative to your pesky silicone tips.