12-Month AirTips Pro™ Protection Plan Exclusions, Rules, & Questions

What is your Protection Plan? 

A protection plan for ear tips? Yes, it exists! As you may know already, our foam tips are not cheap. While the quality more than makes up for the price, we understand unpredictable circumstances arise. Whether you misplace, break, or another event occurs, we have you covered. 

Which products does this cover? 

The $3.95 plan covers 1 pair of AirTips Pro™ sold by Pod Accessories. 

The $9.95 plan covers up to 3 Pairs of AirTips Pro sold by Pod Accessories. Replacements are limited to three inquires per plan. For every pair purchased you can receive replacements. THIS PLAN DOES NOT AWARD REPLACEMENT PAIRS WITHOUT HAVING PURCHASED ORIGINALLY. An additional charge will be levied for every pair not originally purchased from Pod Accessories.

*The Protection Plan does not cover any AirPods Pro cases, straps, wireless chargers, or other electronics except AirTips Pro™ sold on podaccessories.com 

How long does my Protection Plan last? 

Our plan protects your precious tips for 12 months from the date of purchase. 

How do I file a claim? 

There's no hassle to file a claim. Honestly, we mean it. Just send us your order number, First & Last Name, email address, and an explanation of the loss to use your Protection Plan Warranty. 

Email: support@podaccessories.com

Do I need to send my product back to you for a replacement?

No way! If you have a current and valid Protection Plan, there is no need to send us back your order.  

How many times can I use this Protection Plan? 

Protection Plans are a one time use depending on what Protection Plan quantity you selected. Use your Protection Plan when you truly need it. 

In the event you have purchased multiple Protection Plans on separate orders, contact us by email for your exception. 

Do I pay shipping or any other costs? 

We just ask you pay the standard $4.74 shipping rate.

What will forfeit my Protection Plan? 

Returning or receiving a REFUND on your order/partial order before using your Protection Plan will result in forfeiting your Protection Plan guarantee. A full refund will be processed with the corresponding order. 

How much does the Protection Plan cost? 

The protection plan for any 1 pair of AirTips Pro™ cost $3.95 with tax included. 

The protection plan for the 1-3 Pairs of AirTips Pro will cost $9.95 with tax included. 

Can I get a refund after I use the Protection Plan? 

No. Once you use the Protection Plan, you are forfeiting your right to a refund.

Can I purchase two or more Protection Plans? 

Yes, you are more than welcome to purchase more than one. Please make your purchases in the same order. Refer to the "What products does this cover?" question above for the coverage amounts and quantities it covers. 

Can I purchase a Protection Plan After I placed my order? 

We'd be happy to provide protection for your AirTips Pro purchase! Please email: support@podaccessories.com before doing so. 

I purchased the Protection Plan by accident, what do I do? 

Please email: support@podaccessories.com, and one of our representatives will fix the issue right away.


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- Pod Accessories Team