How it works

How AirPods Pro memory foam tips replacement silicone work by pod accessories

Unlike silicone tips you will find with AirPods Pro, memory foam tips are setting a new standard for ear comfort. We are delivering on a promise of reliability and quality that you may never have thought possible for a pair of ear tips.


Memory foam uses your body heat and tiny air pockets to form exactly to your ear’s unique curves. Its high-density structure returns to the original form for a perfect fit no matter how many times you put your AirPods in your ears. No need for ear hooks to hold your wireless earbuds in place. However, if you are very active we due recommend pairing with a set of our Active Ear Hooks.


Unlike silicone tips, AirTips Pro memory foam tips won’t slip from your ears when they get wet. Day in and day out, your Apple AirPods Pro wireless earbuds will stay snug and comfortable even during a run or hot yoga session. 


The original AirPods Pro silicone tips don’t hold a candle to the noise cancellation AirTips Pro memory foam tips provide. Foam ear tips expand to the inner ear canal, by utilizing the unique properties of memory foam, resulting in the best active noise cancellation experience. This also reduces slipping and creates a sound-proof seal, which means that your beats will go on uninterrupted.

The next time you are using your AirPods Pro, pay attention to the way they feel inside your ears. Pay attention to the way that they sound. Now, take both of those things and multiply them. That is what we have done. Incredibly, we have made AirPods Pro – admittedly a great product already – even better.