How do you clean these?

We suggest cleaning these with a rubbing alcohol solution as needed to get rid of fingerprints and dirt that may accumulate from normal wear.

What are the dimensions of these glasses?

The measurements of the tortoise shell frames are 53-17-148mm.

Measurements for the black frames are 53-18-139mm.

What material are the glasses made from?

They are made out of polycarbonate plastic.

Do these glasses have any magnification?

No, these do not have any magnification.

Can you wear these while wearing contacts?

Yes! These fit like normal reading glasses and can be worn with your contacts.

I already have "Night Shift" turned on my screen. Do I still need blue light glasses?

"Night shift" or night mode is a useful and convenient feature on electronic devices to help block blue light emitted from screens. However, it is not completely effective. Users still report an improvement in blue light reduction when wearing our glasses conjunction with having the night mode active on their devices.

Do these help with migraines?

Yes! These may help with migraines caused by excessive blue light exposure.