Description + Features

Seamless Experience

We go the extra mile to make the little things count. From the quality of materials used to make our iPhone case series, to the packaging they arrive in, we’ve worked hard to create a product that you’ll love.

Fast Charging. Like Really Fast.

Charge up your device in as little as 20-35 minutes. Now that's impressive. AirPods, iPhone, and other Qi capable devices with fast 15W charging capabilities are the perfect match. Fast charging requires QC 2.0/3.0 adapter (not included).

Don't Clutter

Cut the cords! No need to fuss with tangled wires for all your devices. The Volt Pad lets you unplug, keeping your desktop tidy and your power outlets organized. 
Have to run out quickly? Dislike the look of multiple wires?
No more struggling to remove wires just grab n' go!