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Michael & Samantha

Peaked with creative juice, these two set out on a mission to revamp the accessory industry.

Along with business operations, they manage our social channels. Find us at @fultro_tech.

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Michael at Fultro Audio.
Samantha at Fultro Audio.

started from the ground up 💚


Sourced and manufactured for AirPods Pro late November 2019. After various prototypes, we settled on the "cusp" design.


Initial prototyping and beta testing foam densities shortly after. Launching one of the worlds first memory foam tips for AirPods Pro.

Man in work attire at fulfillment center

Built from the ground up in California we have since expanded to multiple locations and have shipped over 10,000 orders.

Kailey at Fultro Audio.
Patrick at Fultro Audio.
Kailey & Patrick

Kailey, a graduate from Channel Islands University is excited to assist the Fultro community with all your burning questions.

Patrick started his tech journey with top companies in Silicon Valley, eventually landing him this sweet job as our lead product developer.

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AirTips Pro Memory Foam Tips

In-depth Understanding

temperatures resulting in a reaction to become moldable. From there the dampers are closed and the curing process begins.

Learn more about different foam densities and structure by visiting our blog here.

Wozz & Steve

Wozz has been working at banks the majority of his career and loved every minute of it, he now works his financial powers with us.

Steve is an amazing 3D modeling artist, you might find his work on our site, packaging, and social media; so smash that like button!

Wozz at Fultro Audio.
Steve at Fultro Audio.

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Are you embarrassed by the disgusting discolored ear tips? We will discuss how to manage your ear tips, best practices for keeping them clean, and possible replacement tips.

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