AirTips Pro V2

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  • Updated Design Fits AirPods Pro 1 & 2
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Almohadillas de espuma viscoelástica AirTips Pro de Fultro Audio Encuentra mi talla

  • Made with Hypoallergenic Material*
  • Tested with over 10,000 ear shapes!
  • 2-day Shipping to Select U.S States

Si desea el ajuste perfecto para sus auriculares inalámbricos Apple AirPods Pro, las puntas de reemplazo de espuma viscoelástica son la solución 'Pro'. Benefíciese de un mejor ajuste en sus oídos, una cancelación de ruido mejorada y una comodidad que supera las puntas de silicona de fábrica.

Te pones los auriculares para relajarte, hacer un buen ejercicio, sintonizar una llamada de conferencia importante. Los AirPods Pro siempre están ahí para ti, pero solo hay una cosa en tu camino: un par de auriculares perfectos, puntas de silicona...

Cuéntanos, ¿estás constantemente inquieto con cogollos resbaladizos? ¿Le duelen los oídos al usar estas puntas de silicona? Pagó un alto precio por un juego de AirPods Pro y se merece una experiencia "PRO". Las puntas de silicona simplemente no hacen el corte.

No hay comparación con la silicona original. Las puntas de repuesto de espuma viscoelástica AirTips Pro son los accesorios de AirPod que mantendrán los auriculares ajustados de forma segura. 

Estamos entregando una promesa inigualable de confiabilidad y calidad con AirPods Pro. Las puntas de espuma con memoria de ingeniería requirieron innumerables revisiones, pruebas rigurosas y costosas investigaciones de prototipos.

Everyone’s ears are different and online shopping is tricky. That's why we offer the one and only ear tip guarantee.

If it's not the right size we'll send you out a new set for FREE. Just cover the postage 🤓

Make sure to take the Fit Quiz to find the right version and check out our Size Guide.

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packed with tech 🤓


advanced material

Indentation Force Deflection (IFD) rating - (SM) 35- (LR) 75

There’s no comparison to the original silicone. AirTips Pro is the accessory that will keep your earbuds secure.

Density: Not to be confused with IFD, these two measures work in conjunction with each other. This indicator is best for gauging foam characteristics that signifies durability rather than comfort level. Foam density is expressed in pounds per cubic foot (or PCF) and is your best indicator of quality and longevity. Conventional foam density ranges from about 1 PCF – 3 PCF, with standard high-density foam having a density of only 1.8 PCF. The larger the PCF, the longer it lasts. Even though a foam may be firm, it won't last nearly as long if not dense. Learn more about how memory foam works.

2x Denser Mesh

improved for AirPods Pro 2

There’s no comparison to the original silicone. AirTips Pro memory foam replacement tips are the AirPod accessories that will keep your earbuds fitting secure.  

We are delivering an unparalleled promise of reliability and quality with AirPods Pro. Engineering memory foam tips required countless revisions, rigorous testing, and costly prototype research.

The new metal mesh earwax protection screen is designed to deliver the best audio quality without sacrificing integrity.

Version 2 features our black screen, with super threaded micro materials that are hard to recognize with the human eye.

Optimized for easy cleaning, the new metal mesh guard is placed right above the speaker grill, ensuring your tips are kept clean all the time.

High-resilience polyurethane (LRPu) memory foam formula for longevity.

Designed with art

fits AirPods Pro 1 & 2

Runners get frustrated. Activities like weightlifting and CrossFit can jar them loose. With just a little moisture, the silicone tips that come with Apple AirPods Pro let your expensive investment slip from your ears.

In contrast, memory foam tips conform to the contours in ear canal, providing mobility for running or any other active lifestyles without any slipping silicone hassle.

V2 features a threaded certified OEM snap-on connection for a one click experience.

Have confidence knowing your new memory foam tips are secure and ready for wear and tear.

Developed with a two step connection, install and uninstall is quick and easy.

the perfect fit 😉

AirPods Pro with Charcoal memory foam tips and Active ear hooks by Fultro Audio
expanding foam 🧐

Everyone’s ears are different. So why would you expect mass-produced and one-size-fits-all silicone tips to be the best fit for you? There’s a better option than the cheap, flawed, and uncomfortable silicone.

AirTips Pro uses low and high density memory foam to mold within the contours of your ear canal.

High/Low Resiliency (HR): While this technical term might sound trivial, it’s actually quite simple. Let us give you the skinny on high and low resilience. High resiliency foam uses better processes and a different cell structure when crafting and molding the foam, whereas low resiliency is less time in the curing process. Basically, this refers to how quickly the foam will expand once it's in the compression state.  

fills your ears 😱

Memory foam uses your body heat and tiny air pockets to form exactly to your ear’s unique curves. Its low-density structure returns to the original form for a perfect fit. 

IFD (Indentation Force Deflection) is a measure of firmness and comfort. More specifically, IFD measures the load (in lbs) required to depress a compression disc into a foam sample a particular distance. This number ranges from 10 – 70lbs. The IFD of standard foam mattress ranges between 30 – 35lbs. For memory foam tips, it is the same calculation, the less foam - the higher the IFD. For example, the "small" size memory foam tips have an IFD of 45-70, whereas the "large" are around 20-30. 

AirPods Pro charcoal foam tips how it works when compressed

listen up 😡

Let's face it, it can be frustrating and feel like a chore to adjust your pods every 20 minutes from slippery tips, leaving you desperate for change. While we can't be your knight and shiny armor, we do offer a simple, one "click" alternative to your pesky silicone tips. 

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