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This promotion is no longer available.

Free pair promotion is limited to one (L,R; Black Color, (1) size tips) per customer. (Only pay for shipping $4.99) U.S. orders $35+ receive free shipping. Existing customers are eligible. While supplies last.

This promotion is no longer available.

When you add any size, quantity, or color of AirTips Pro V1 and V2 to your cart, one will automatically be discounted by 100% for you. Discount applied to maximum one pack per order. No code needed. Please note, this promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount code. While supplies last.


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Absolutely! You have the same 30 days from the time of purchase, however since this is a add-on option the item must be returned with the full order. There will be no exceptions to replacing/returning this add-on option separately. For more information reach out to our amazing support team.


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AirPods Pro - AirTips Pro Memory Foam Tips

View more information on the collection page.

Yes, they are! Apple recently made a public statement regarding the fit between both generations.

This means any replacement tips you order through Fultro previously or going forward, are universal.

Visit our recent article for more information - here

Yes, this is evident in our unique viscoelastic memory foam technology. AirTips Pro conform to the shape of the ear canal using body temperature and conformity for a custom fit. Your ear canal shape and size fluctuate with movement and temperature. And now your ear tips can adapt to changes as you naturally move.

Yes, the case will close normally, the same as it would with the original silicone tips that come with AirPods Pro. Regardless which size, the charging case will close, no trouble at all.

Lifespan for your new AirTips V2 memory foam tips depends on use. Typically, average use is about 2-4 months per pair of tips. How your tips are actively used, your natural body chemistry (earwax, oils, debris, etc.), and environment all effect how long your tips will last. To ensure your tips last the longest, always prepare the tips by compressing the foam before inserting them into your ears, clean your tips occasionally, and store the tips and your Apple AirPods in the charging case while not in use. Replace your tips when they start to build debris, begin to tear, or lose their "memory" foam properties (for example, the foam expands quickly rather than slowly).

To remove your tips, firmly grasp the whole foam tip with your fingers and squeeze to pull them off. Sometimes removing them at an angle helps. Do not pull the tips off from the end of the foam tip or use your fingernails as these methods could damage the tips.

While Apple's silicone tips are relatively comfortable and fit well for most people, many users find AirTips Pro to be preferable for long periods of use. Listening to music for a few hours with memory foam tips resulted in less ear fatigue.

Sound quality is about the same with memory foam tips compared to the default silicone tips, but if you weren't able to get a good seal with silicone, then you may find the sound is substantially better with memory foam. Apple's Active Noise Cancellation can work better because of how memory foam expands in the ear canal and closes the gaps.

We find the majority of our community choosing medium as this is the middle-of-the-road size. However, the sizes for memory foam actually play a very crucial role compared to silicone tips. Medium memory foam tips offer the best fitting capabilities for everyday and all day use. However, where medium-sized tips may lack in overall noise cancellation, the larger size excels in this area. 

Larger tips provide the best noise cancellation while keeping your wireless earbuds as comfortable as possible. As it is hard to state which size is best for you, a good rule of thumb is go with one size larger than your silicone tips. If you use large, you’re already in the clear. 

Still not sure? Try our Mixed Size Pack (includes S, M and L).

Sadly, no. Make sure to compress the foam fully before inserting them in your ears. Once fully compressed, position the tips securely in canal and wait 10-15 seconds while holding in place. This allows full expansion to complete the inner seal in your ear.

Using only water, gently wipe with a clean, damp micro-fiber cloth. Do NOT use alcohol or soap as it will break down the foam and remove the "memory". Let the tips dry completely before the next use (approx. 1 hour). Clean your tips only when there is excessive wax buildup on them. Excessively cleaning the tips can decrease the lifespan and cause premature tears. We recommend replacing AirTips Pro about every 3 months or when they lose their "memory".

Watch a demonstration of cleaning by visiting here.

You can watch as we demonstrate the easy installation of AirTips Pro, replacing the subpar and problematic silicone tips.

A couple important takeaways: 

1) Order a size larger than your current silicone tips (Or the 3 pack with all sizes to ensure accuracy) please refer to our sizing chart on the product pages for detailed instructions.

2) Squeeze, pinch, and heat the memory foam before entering tips into the ear canal.

3) Insert stem facing forward, then press firmly inward and down, wait for full expansion.

Digital Shield Blue Blocking Glasses

View more information on the product page.

"Night shift" or night mode is a useful and convenient feature on electronic devices to help block blue light emitted from screens. However, it is not completely effective. Users still report an improvement in blue light reduction when wearing our glasses conjunction with having the night mode active on their devices.

We suggest cleaning these with a rubbing alcohol solution as needed to get rid of fingerprints and dirt that may accumulate from normal wear.

Yes! These may help with migraines caused by excessive blue light exposure.

Yes! These fit like normal reading glasses and can be worn with your contacts.

The measurements of the tortoise shell frames are 53-17-148mm.

Measurements for the black, Grey, & Clear frames are 53-18-139mm.

AirPod Cases

View more information on AirPods Pro cases.

View more information on regular AirPods cases.

The Tough N' Rubber cases are 0.02” thin, which is about as thin as a dime. Minimalist praise this design, as it is our thinnest option.

The Cleary Transparent case is 0.04” thin, which as thin as a nickel. It’s made with strong TPU material and perfect for those looking for no branding or logos.

The Premium Leather & Rugged Armor cases are 0.07”- 0.09" thinthese options are made with shock-absorbing material which is great if you’re looking for more protection. (Leather case is made with genuine Horween leather)

The Tough N' Rubber cases are made of Polysiloxane, a flexible silicone. It’s super smooth, lightweight and very grippy.

The Cleary Transparent case is made of TPU, a flexible, rubber-like plastic. It's shock absorbing, grippy, and won’t yellow over time.

Rugged Armor case is made of polypropylene, a hard yet flexible plastic. It’s super durable, lightweight and adds extra grip.

Our cases are designed to offer everyday protection from your active lifestyles. Don’t let the thinness fool you though – we’ve heard many customer stories of how our case protected their device from drops!

If you’re looking for the most protection, our Rugged Armor Caseis the perfect choice.

Some. All cases, except the Rugged Armor. This is because of its thicker design to make room for the shock absorbing properties.

Yep. Our cases are so slim that they won’t interfere with our wireless chargers, or any other charger for that matter.