Why do you need an AirPods case? What are my options?

Why do you need an AirPods case? What are my options?

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So, you just bought yourself a pair of AirPods. The perfect grab-and-go portable music gadget. One big problem, you’re nervous about dropping these expensive suckers. Or maybe it just feels weird to have them naked. Whatever the reason, you’re considering buying a protection case. This article is here to help you make that decision. The Fultro way!

What are the benefits of a case?

  • Protect your AirPods from minor wear and tear

  • Keep your AirPods resell value

  • Showing off the Apple tech

Protect your AirPods from minor wear and tear

When you buy a set of AirPods, you’re stuck with only the bare outer shell. If you’d prefer something a little more stylish, there are dozens of options available online or through sites like Amazon or Ebay.

You can get a decent AirPods case for around $5 to $10 in a variety of colors and finishes. Unless you’re willing to pay top dollar for a designer brand or high-end materials, these cases won’t do much more than protect your AirPods from minor wear and tear.

Keep your AirPods resell value

If you have purchased a set of Apple AirPods, you probably have noticed that they are not cheap. In fact, they are one of the most expensive purchases that you make when it comes to electronics and gadgets.

In order to protect your investment, it is important to make sure that your outer Apple case remains intact. The best way to keep your case looking new is by purchasing a external case.

What does Fultro offer?

Showing off the Apple tech

AirPods are easy to scratch and damage, and it can be a real bummer if you do. Maybe you're clumsy, or it's just too boring for your taste.

Modernize your AirPods with a silicone, clear, leather, or carbon fiber case. Each one has it's own unique style and loaded with features.

All Fultro cases include extra goodies like carabiners that make it easy to attach your AirPods to a bag or jacket so they don't go missing. Some will have a great patina effect; hint - leather.

We know, the pill shaped Apple case has a sleek design and is very durable, but we all understand they're not indestructible. Here are some options we offer to protect your precious pods.

Tough & Rugged: Silicone case

This silicone case is great for protecting your AirPods or charging case from scrapes and scratches. It also provides a good hand grip texture and you can pick multiple colors. It also comes with a handy carabiner so you can securely carry it around on the go.

Premium Leather: Patina Tech Case

This premium leather case has an elegant look that makes it a stylish accessory for any occasion, whether you're at home or on the go. It also comes in two finishes Midnight Black and Saddle Brown, and are compatible with all Qi chargers. You should smell it too 🤤

Cleary: Transparent Case

A clear case is great protection for those who like to show off the AirPod white color, style, or custom engraving 🥸 P.S. it's shown above.

Rugged Armor: Carbon Fiber

Simple and modern in design, the Rugged Armor: Carbon Fiber case protects your pods from the toughest falls. Made with our signature shock-proof air cushion technology and carbon fiber textures, the Rugged Armor: Carbon Fiber case adds extra protection without sacrificing the slim fit. The case is also compatible with all Qi chargers.

Closing thoughts: TLDR

Let's face it, Apple AirPods are expensive. At $159 up to $249, you don't want to risk losing, damaging or leaving them unprotected. Whether you're going for a run, taking a bike ride, or heading to the gym, you can protect your AirPods with a case that's designed for your active lifestyle.

There are plenty of options when it comes to protecting those precious earbuds, so we've rounded up the best ones that money can buy. Take a pick below.

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