Running With AirPods: The Best AirPod Pro Accessories

Best accessories while running with airpods for apple memory foam ear hooks tips.
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Running with AirPods in your ears should be a breeze, but often it's not. Sometimes you can feel your AirPods get looser with every stride, which puts them at risk of falling out and breaking! That's a big oops...

If you want to run with your AirPods, you might want to buy a few of these AirPod accessories to help you out.

Never Lose a Bud With AirPod Straps & The Band

Yes, AirPods are made to be wireless, but sometimes wireless just isn't the way to go when running. There's always a chance you'll lose a bud, or even break one!

Whether your AirPod 1st, 2nd, or Pro generation are always slipping out of your ears when you run, you need AirPod straps. The AirPod Go Straps slide right over the ends of your AirPods, creating a tether between the two buds. Just slot your AirPods into the rings, throw this strap over your neck, and you're ready to run.

The strap actively stops you from dropping and breaking or losing your AirPods. It's strong, it's comfortable, and it grips your AirPods to ensure they don't slip from the loops.

Active Band Base: Who wants to carry around a bulky AirPod charging case? Especially on your outdoor activities; leave the house worry-free from losing or dropping your precious pods! 

Engineered with durable, liquid silicone rubber for long lasting comfort, the Active Band Base is made for the Active Lifestyle - Great for running, hiking, jogging, skating, snowboarding, video conferences, cycling, fitness, gym and more!

The Active Band Base pairs perfectly with the AirPod Go straps!

Run in Comfort With Foam Rings & Tips

One of the biggest problems when running with AirPods is comfort.

This is especially true if you're going for long runs, or you have too narrow or large ear canals. Running with bare AirPods in your ears is like running with chunks of plastic in your head. It can be more than a little unpleasant.

If you have the AirPods Pro, you need to get your hands on the AirTips Pro. These foam tips are much comfier than the silicone ones that come with the AirPods Pro. They conform to your ears, giving you that perfect snug fit your whole run.

If you're on the standard AirPods, you can also get the Phantom Foam Rings. It's the same idea -- wrap the surface of your AirPods in form-fitting foam and run in comfort for hours. They install easy, they're affordable, and they offer the best comfort you'll ever find in AirPods.

Clean Your AirPods After an Intense Run

If there's anything that gets your AirPods dirty, it's running.

Running leads to sweat, and sweat makes it much easier for ear wax to stick to your AirPods. Talk about gross! That's why a Wax Magnet Tabs aren't just helpful AirPod accessories, they're essential AirPod accessories.

All you do is press the tab against the gunky parts of the AirPod and it all comes right off! Rinse the tab off, and reuse as needed. Your AirPods will never look cleaner!

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Make Running With AirPods a Breeze

If you find running with AirPods a little unrealistic, prepare to change that mindset. Invest in a few of these handy running accessories for your AirPods or AirPods Pro and get the most out of your devices. You'll never have to worry about slippage, discomfort, or gunk buildup again.

If you have any questions about the best AirPod accessories for you, contact us today.

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