How to Get the Best Photos on the iPhone 12

How to take pro pictures using the new iPhone 12

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Before smart phones were invented, mobile/cellular phones were designed purely to make phone calls and send text messages. We know, crazy, huh? After the iPhone came along and revolutionized mobile phones as we know them today, all of a sudden we find ourselves able to do all manner of different things using these small devices that can fit into our pockets.

Whether we’re paying for goods, figuring out our bearings with the compass, or taking photos, smart phones have made life in general a whole lot easier.

Speaking of photos, early iPhone models had, shall we say, questionable camera quality but thankfully in a little over a decade we have advanced leaps and bounds in terms of picture quality and sharpness, with many iPhone cameras rivalling cameras used by professional photographers.

If you wish to try your hand at photography using your iPhone 12, check out these handy tips to help you snap professional quality images like a pro.

Consider the composition

Despite the iPhone 12 being more affordable than some previous models, don’t let that fool you into thinking this is an inferior product because it isn’t.

The iPhone 12 has an incredibly efficient camera, and if utilized correctly, will enable you to snap some amazing pics.

One top tip for quality iPhone 12 photos is to work on the composition. By this, we mean that you should consider the placement of all of the different elements in shot, and how they will look on the final photo.

Consider what’s close to the camera, what’s in the middle of the shot, and what will be in the foreground.

Here's a perfect example that our social media team took a few weeks back:

Pod Accessories Instagram How to Take Photos on iPhone 12

Shot on Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Take notice how each object or character is placed in the shot and what purpose each one has. Similarly, what color scheme are you portraying? For this image, our team opted for a light object contrast with a dark backdrop. Absolutely stunning image!

Know when to go wider

Most images taken with smart phones will be taken in portrait mode. The iPhone 12 however, features a regular view and a super wide view built in, so you can snap some amazing panoramic shots in landscape mode. However, landscape shots don’t always work.

If there’s a mountain in the distance, snapping it in landscape mode with a wide angle will make it seem ever further away and it will get lost in the image.

Instead, you should move closer to the mountain and switch the camera to ‘wide mode’ which will make the mountain the main feature of the image, allowing you to capture other things surrounding it too.

Keep images simple

To really snap amazing photos with your iPhone 12, another top tip here is to keep images simple.

Find something you like the look of and go ahead and snap it. Too many amateurs try to cram too much into their shots and overcomplicate the final composite.

If for example, you find a flower that looks nice, go ahead and get the flower in shot, rather than the flower, trees in the distance, grass, bugs, leaves, and anything else nearby which you feel may improve the shot. When taking photos with an iPhone, simplicity is often the key.

Here's an example of a image that some experts would say is "too cluttered":

Shot on the Apple iPhone 12 Example-min

Shot on Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

While focusing on one object is important, keep in mind symmetrical imagery is key to great looking photography! Don't be afraid to spice it up a bit.   

Keep an eye on your exposure

Another useful tip for capturing captivating iPhone 12 photos is to control your exposure.

Usually the phone itself will provide the perfect exposure balance, but sometimes it may be off in unusual light, so you will need to step in.

If for example, you want to snap somebody in front of a sunset, the exposure may adjust to focus on the sky, leaving the person a washed out dark silhouette.

To help counter this, tap the on-screen image of the person in the shot to tell the camera that they should be in shot and should be adequately exposed. You can also then tap a slider which will appear and drag it from left to right to adjust the exposure manually.

Here's a beautiful shot from our team that illustrates this point:

Image featuring Red memory foam ear tips with AirPods Pro. Example photo showing how to control the exposure.

Shot on Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Controlling your exposure on your camera is crucial if you want to take some amazing photos, but your object lighting is similar important. 

Just do it

This was just a few tips to help you take some amazing photos with your iPhone 12 that will truly impress the crowd. Give us a follow on Instagram so you can e the first to see our teams imagery daily.  

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