Breaking News: Apple Expected to Release New Over-Ear Headphones.

Rumors for Apple Pro Over ear headphones Filler
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Rumors and speculations no longer surround Apple's new over-ear headphones. It’s happening this year. Here is what you need to know. 
Although, we might not see a AirPods or AirPods Pro refresh this year, possibly not for another year or so. An exclusive report surfaced by Jon Prosser, who tells us the new over-ear headphones are upon us.  

Jon Prosser Apple Leaks on AirPods Studio wireless headphones

Expect a whole new music experience with smart-side detection, ear detection, ultimate comfort muffs, and professional EQ mode.

What are the features?

Ear detection

It will be standard for noise cancellation, but a new feature not even seen in most competitors in the over-ear headphones market, will be neck detection. What is that exactly? It’s just as it sounds, when you take them off your ears and wrap them around your neck, the AirPods Studio will pause the music temporarily. Similarly to the AirPods and AirPods Pro.


Early patents from Apple predicted, AirPods Studio will recognize which ear you place them in. There will be automatic detection sensors. There is no need to check which ear cuff corresponds to left/right ears. Just put them on and play.


Of course just like it’s twin brother, the AirPods Pro, will have active noise-cancellation and transparency mode.

Professional mode

AirPods Studio will also have a professional mode, this is meant for changing the equalizer settings from low, medium and high frequencies. 

When is the release date?

It’s expected that Apple intends to release them sometime in the fall of 2020. Of course, disruptions to the supply chain due to COVID-19 could impact the actual release date. Apple might be considering holding them back for sale until the economic conditions improve.

You can view further reports and leaks here: 9to5mac macrumors

2 Kommentare

  • Antonio

    Yes I bet this is going to be delayed, probably won’t see this until 2023

  • Jason

    Theres also talk about Apple releasing the AirPods generation 3 that are similar to the pros, but without ANC. I think these are just a rebrand of Beats by Dre with a extra Apple tax, lmao

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