What's The Buzz About Memory Foam Tips for AirPods Pro?

Finger tips holding AirTips Pro: Memory Foam Ear Tips For AirPods Pro by Fultro Tech.

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In this article we will examine the differences between silicone and memory foam ear tips for Apple's AirPods Pro.

Our discussion will focus on four main points.

  1. Sound Isolation
  2. Comfort & Performance
  3. Maintenance
  4. Price

It is considered that sound isolation, or noise cancellation specifically for Apple AirPods Pro, has the greatest impact on the way musical tones are compressed and absorbed by your inner ear. Silicone ear tips have been trusted by companies like Sony, Skull Candy, and Beats by Dr. Dre for decades. This paved the way for Apple's newest in-ear earphones, the AirPods Pro. Silicone provides good sound isolation, but not the comfort and deep bass retention you will find in replacement tips such as those that are compatible with AirPods Pro. 

When it comes to comfort and performance, "Pro" is a glorified moniker. As mentioned in the sound isolation example above, comfort is not in silicone's best interest. In spite of silicone's superior sound quality, sacrificing your ear comfort just isn't an option. Pay attention to the way your AirPods Pro feel in your ears the next time you use them. Take note of how they sound. Are you experiencing pain? Notice any leaks in the seal? You can expect nothing less from silicone tips. 

The maintenance of in-ear earphones is essential. Due to its affinity with plastic and rubber, silicone tips dethrone memory foam tips thanks to its easily cleaned properties. Silicone is also easy to clean. This is the ultimate price to pay for leaving it behind. There's nothing particularly difficult about cleaning memory foam, it's just not easy. Being that memory foam consists of thousands of tiny air pockets, it needs careful handling to prevent the foam from becoming stained. We have a video demonstrating the process of cleaning memory foam tips

The cost of silicone tips... No cost. Hooray! There is some reason why you are here today due to some dissatisfaction with your current tips. Whether it is constant ear pain, better noise cancellation, or even just complete boredom. Those looking for improvement in all these areas had better expect boredom - you are at the right place. Explore our top accessory for the year 2020 and find out more about its design, composition, and reviews. A There is a price tag of $10 for Memory Foam, but you can get three pairs for $18. If you aren't sure which size fits you, try the mixed size pack (includes sizes S, M, and L). Fultro offers exclusive member pricing, huge discounts, and freebies to those who register for our rewards program

The bottom line: silicone earbuds can produce excellent sound isolation and provide good comfort, but memory foam earbuds create a better seal and provide greater comfort. Cleaning is inevitable, but maintaining ear tips is not time-consuming. You just need to ask yourself, is it worth the extra time for my comfort and reliability? Despite the fact that silicone is here to stay, there's a new tip in town, and this town is big enough for both of them, so you just have to decide what's right for you!

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