How to Clean iPhone 12 Cases

How to clean Apple iPhone 12 clear cases a tutorial by Pod Accessories. The makers of memory foam tips and Dual Hybrid silicone tips for Apple AirPods Pro

Do you own an iPhone 12?

If so, you might be excited to show off your amazing device. You've likely invested a lot of money in your iPhone 12, and you want it to remain safe, so you purchase one of our iPhone 12 cases

But what happens when your iPhone 12 case gets dirty? How do you clean it without water seeping into your iPhone and ruining it?

Keep reading to learn more about keeping your iPhone case hygienic and clean!

Benefits of Cleaning iPhone 12 Cases

When you buy iPhone 12 cases, you might not think about them getting dirty right away.

Yet, people usually take their phones everywhere with them, even to places such as public bathrooms. Because of this constant exposure to the outside world, your phone picks up bacteria and possibly viruses and other substances. Some clear iPhone cases even yellow as part of their aging process, but the yellowing speeds up when they're introduced to contaminants.

Because of this, you need to carefully clean your case.

Ways to Clean Our iPhone 12 Cases

There's no doubt about it; our iPhone 12 cases make up the best cases on the market. They come in both transparent and leather options, ensuring they'll match your personal style while keeping your phone safe.

But how do you clean them? Let's go into that, type by type, below.

Leather Cases

Our leather cases should not be cleaned with chemicals.

You read that right. Why?

First, many chemicals damage leather and can actually contribute to your phone case's wear tear. Since you want your phone to look nice, we advise against cleaning the case.

Instead, if you want to sanitize your phone, take it out of the case and clean away any grime with soap and a damp cloth. Then, allow the phone to dry completely before putting it back in the case.

Even if you prefer rugged cases, we ask you not to clean your leather case. Leather ages naturally, so just you using the case will be enough to distress it and allow it to demonstrate some natural characteristics.

Transparent Cases

So, how do you clean a dirty phone case when it's transparent?

We made our transparent cases out of polycarbonate and TPU and even included an anti-yellowing technology. This means you don't have to worry about your iPhone case changing color.

Yet, that doesn't mean cases can't trap germs and bacteria inside. To get rid of them, take a cup of warm water from your kitchen and infuse it with a few drops of dish soap. Then, wet a non-abrasive cloth or toothbrush bristles with the mixture and gently scrub away the grime, making small circles.

You can also clean your case by applying rubbing alcohol or baking soda to it, scrubbing it gently, and then rinsing it off.

Once you clean the case completely, dry it and pop it back onto your iPhone.

Ready for a New Case?

Now, you know how to clean iPhone 12 cases.

Cleaning your phone case is an important part of keeping your phone hygienic and ready to use. Making sure you know how to clean your phone's specific material becomes crucial, too, as you don't want to accidentally ruin it while cleaning.

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